Fusing & Slumping

Glass for Slumping and Fusing

For fusing or slumping, Spectrum Glass Company and Uroboros Glass Studio bring a combined 50+ years of art glass manufacturing expertise to the hot glass community.   Drop by the store to see the selection now on hand, and pick up a copy of the firing guide.

Over 40 different colors available, along with iridescents, frit & powder, billets, filigree cane, noodle & stringer and the ever popular dichroic.

System 96

Products formulated and “Tested Compatible” especially for fusing, slumping and other hot glass work. This Spectrum line of sheet glass is complemented by many specialty glass products, including glass frits, noodle, stringer, dichroic glass, and casting billets, made and supplied by System 96 partner companies. All System 96 products are tested against an identical standard to insure compatibility of viscosity and expansion coefficient.